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Mirrors always seem to be the biggest pain for people to clean streak free. They will seem to look great when you are finished cleaning them and then you turn on the light and notice that they are worse off then when you started. From bathrooms, closet doors, that big one above the fireplace or even floor to ceiling walls, we will leave your mirrors immaculate.

Shower Enclosures

We specializes in bringing your shower glass back to life. Showers seem to be ever growing trouble to maintain. All you have to do is forget to squeegee off the water and soap scum a few times and you will find yourself in trouble. It just doesn't seem to get clean anymore. If your shower glass hasn't been neglected to long, we can restore it back to its original beauty.

Ceiling Fans

We clean ceiling fans for many customers. Many people don't have ladders big enough to reach. We can clean most almost any ceiling fan that exists
Window Cleaning - Window Cleaning Service in Farmingdale, NJ

Light Fixtures & Chandeliers

This is a nasty job that nobody likes to do. It is time consuming and tedious. We don't mind tackling them. Your lights will shine again and emit more light. Whether they are inside or outside, we can them look new again.

Screen cleaning

Clean screens will prolong its life and help keep you windows clean. Your windows are only as clean as your screens. If your screens are dirty, rain and wind can transfer the dirt onto your newly cleaned window.°Dirty screens can also cause screen burn which can permanently damage your glass.

Screen Repair

When your door or window screens are torn and in need of repair, Let us come and take care of it for you. We can handle ripped screens of all types and guarantee prompt, professional, and reliable service.

Hard Water Stains

If your water is hard, you must have those nasty white spots on your glass windows and shower doors. Basically every where you have a faucet and use water, you will have stains.

  • If your hard water stains are not addressed, the minerals in the water will stain and permeate the surface making it very, if not extremely difficult to remove.
  • So don't let those hard water stains take over. The sooner you address it, the less of a stain build up you will have to deal with it.
  • We have a variety of ways to remove those stains as each situation has to be dealt with differently. This is not just a removing of spots but rather it is a restoration of your glass

Solar Panels

Clear Choice Window Washing provides professional solar panel cleaning for residential and commercial arrays. Solar panels get dirty and need to be cleaned at least 2 times a year. We can put you on a schedule that will keep your panels operating efficiently throughout the year saving you money and keeping your warranty valid.

With our state of the art equipment, we can maintain your system properly. We use a reverse osmosis and de-ionization process that removes all contaminates from the water. This system leaves no harsh minerals that will cause a buildup and ruin the top of your panel.
Cleaning - Window Cleaning Service in Farmingdale, NJ

Solar Panel Cleaning FAQs:

Does regular cleaning of my system really save any money?
  • Yes. With power loss up to 40% on a dirty panel, you can't afford not to have your panels maintained to keep peak performance.

Does my warranty require regular cleaning?
  • Yes. Manufacturers require cleaning and maintenance of your system in order to warrant non failure.

Will the rain clean my panels? and Will the rain ruin my clean panels?
  • No and No. On an unmaintained panel, the rain will make your dusty panels muddy, collecting more debris and more build up On a maintained panel, and after a cleaning, the rain will not do any damage, as there will be little or no dust to affect. It is acceptable to clean solar panels in or before most rain.

Couldn't we just clean our panels ourselves by spraying them with our hose periodically?
  • No. The hardness of the water in New Jersey is among the highest in the country and is not a proper cleaning agent for expensive solar panels. Hardwater" deposits on the glass surface of solar panels and causes permanent damage and power loss. We use special equipment to produce de-ionized water for cleaning of solar panels to prevent any hardwater deposits on your panels. In addition, just a rinsing of water (even if it were not damaging) would not be enough to produce clean panels.

Do I have to be home for my cleanings?
  • No. Not unless there are any special circumstances with your home. In most instances we can access the roof from the front and can complete our service with or without you being home.