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Residential Cleaning

Clear Choice Window Washing has been cleaning residential windows for over 14 years so you can be assured that your window cleaning job will be done right. We offer a wide variety of services and take care of your home as if it were ours. Our courteous staff always presents themselves in a professional manner by their clean, neatly uniformed appearance.
When we come into your home we always wear shoe covers. We bring towels, drop cloths and mats to protect your furniture, carpet and floors . You can also be at ease knowing that we carry a one million dollar Liability insurance policy.

Clear Choice Window Washing is Going Green

Window cleaning technology with the use of a Pure Waterfed Pole (WFP) System. This reverse osmosis and deionized filtration system takes ordinary water, removes the contaminants and purifies it so that it is 99.9% pure with 000 total dissolved solids (TDS). When used with a Waterfed pole, your windows will dry without spots, streaks, residue or static cling and you will be left with just pure clean glass. This process is a low pressure, low flow rate cleaning process with a soft bristled brush and is not at all like having your windows power washed.
It is a completely environmentally friendly way of cleaning windows as no detergents are used. It means no more potential damage to your building, lawns and planted areas due to ladder placement.


Window cleaning can be a dangerous job and safety is the number one concern. Using the Pure Water Fed Pole System allows us to clean exterior windows at heights up to 60' from the ground, eliminating the need for ladders. It is by far, the safest way to clean windows.

Cleaner Glass and Frames:

Pure Water leaves a shine on the glass and cleans frames and surrounding areas without the use of detergent or chemicals. The pure water actually "Attracts" the dirt and grime and lifts it from the surface and is rinsed away. Because there is no left over residue, the glass actually stays cleaner longer.

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Residential Window Cleaning - Window Cleaning Service in Farmingdale, NJ

Commercial Cleaning

Clear Choice Window Washing has over 14 years' experience in commercial window cleaning. We clean everything from store fronts up to midrise office buildings. We carry Liability and workers compensation insurance so you know the job is being performed by professionals. All of our employees will be in uniform and we have many scheduling options so that we don't interfere with your business.
Cleaning Corporate Building - Window Cleaning Service in Farmingdale, NJ
Window washer at work - Window Cleaning Service in Farmingdale, NJ

Check Out Our List of Clients

  • Shrewsbury Assisted Living
  • Modern Equipment Rental
  • Salt Creek Grille
  • Crazy House Customs
  • Advanced Tire & Auto
  • CCL Labels
  • Olive Garden
  • Delta Collision
  • Sony
  • Forever 21
  • Work' N Gear
  • Kearney Bank Headquarters
  • Applebee's
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • American Express
  • New Balance
  • Fashion Bug
  • Disney Store
  • Crate & Barrel
  • Wegmans Food Market
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Payless Shoe Source
  • Brio
  • Princeton University Store
  • Miele Headquarters
  • Hampton Inn
  • Robbinsville High School
  • Retro Fitness
  • Children of America
  • Bridgewater Municiple Building
  • Calico Home
  • Coldwater Creek
  • Hooters
  • Zumiez
  • PF Changs

New Construction Clean-up

New construction clean-up on windows is a job you do not want to leave in the hands of inexperienced. Because of the very high cost of new windows, it is extremely important that you hire a professional window cleaner. The debris left on a window after a construction job is not an easy task, as there are many little things one must know to not scratch a window. I have seen jobs where people try to save some money and hire a cleaning company to come in and they only find that the one scratched window has now cost them more than if they would have had a professional do it. Trust me, this is not something you want to cut corners on.
We have extensive experience in the field of construction clean up and to date, still have never had to replace a window. We take special care when removing debris and only use the most up to date tools. We are knowledgeable to which windows can be scraped and which windows need other types of attention

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